Airport Check In

1. How much time should I allot for procedures at the airport?
Due to potential traffic delays, check-in time and security screening, you are recommended to be at the airport at least 60 minutes before departure of domestic flights and 120 minutes before departure of international flights.

2. When the check-in counters opened for passengers?
Although check-in times vary by airport, Vietnam Airlines’ check-in counters are usually opened as follows: Opening time of check-in counter
          – International flights from Vietnam: 03 hours before STD.

          – International flights from outside of Vietnam: From 02 – 03 hours before STD.
          – Domestic flights: 02 hours before STD.
Closing time of check-in counter
          – International flights: 50 minutes before STD.

          – Domestic flights: 40 minutes before STD.
          – Note: At Charles de Gaulle; London Gatwick; Frankfurt International Airport, counters are closed 60 minutes before STD
*STD: Scheduled Time of Departure.

3. What happens if I fail to check-in on time?
If you do not check in by the check-in deadline you will not be able to travel on the flight. Depending on your fare conditions, a failure to check-in on time may also result in loss of the fare, extra charges for change fee and/or fare differences.

4. What happens if I have checked-in, but failed to board at least 5 minutes before departure?
All passengers should arrive at the boarding gate with a boarding pass at least 45 minutes before departure. If you are not present at the departure gate at least 15 minutes before departure you may have forfeited your seat.

5. What about delays at check-in or security?
Airports operate a ‘call forward’ counter to assist passengers who are in a queue and have an imminent departure. However, it is your responsibility to make a Vietnam Airlines staff member aware of your situation and, where possible, they will attempt to assist you. Listen for any announcements calling your flight to a particular check-in counter.

6. What is the difference between check-in and boarding?
Check-in confirms your presence on the flight and allows you to check in any baggage and get your boarding pass. Boarding is the moment at which you actually get on the plane.

Once check-in has been completed, remember to leave enough time to pass through the security monitoring areas (passport and/or security procedures). This will ensure you arrive at the indicated boarding gate on time.

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