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In 2020, Bamboo Airways has operated more than 10% of the total number of flights and passengers over the same period in 2020, continuously leading the statistics of firms recovering and exceeding their operating capacity after the epidemic. 100% of flights are absolutely safe, without any security threatening incidents.

“The worst year in civil aviation history” is a phrase used by the Director General of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to describe the year 2020. There are many data to show that this is a valid judgment.

Since the beginning of the year, global flight numbers have fallen 49% compared to 2019, worse, the number of passengers transported has dropped 67%, according to the statistics of aviation research organization Citrium. Covid-19 has “blown away” 510 billion USD in revenue of the whole industry, taking tens of thousands of jobs. The number of aircraft “cover up” in the cave is so crowded that it has never been seen “in more than 40 years in the profession” of the leader of the aircraft maintenance company Tarmac Aerosave.

“The number of airlines that survived to see the sun was getting smaller,” IATA wrote in its late November report.

But in a year of upheaval in most airlines in the world, there are still a few players who have a spectacular “comeback” thanks to their adaptability and sensitivity to opportunities. Fortunately, there is a face from Vietnam: Bamboo Airways.

In 2020, Bamboo Airways has operated more than 10% of the total number of flights and passengers over the same period in 2020, continuously leading the statistics of firms recovering and exceeding their operating capacity after the epidemic. 100% of flights are absolutely safe, without any security threatening incidents. The company currently holds nearly 20% market share.

Notably, compared to 2019, the number of airline pilots and flight attendants in 2020 will still increase by 20%, while the total number of personnel increases by 17%.
In particular, thanks to strictly complying with the regulations on disease prevention before and after the flight, there will be no cases of Bamboo Airways employees infected with Covid-19 while on duty in 2020.
Staying active: No compromise goal
According to statistics, only 12 months of crisis of 2020 have washed away the development achievements of the aviation industry for more than 20 years, bringing operations back to the scale of 1999. For firms that have not had the advantage of thickness. operations and financial accumulation over decades like Bamboo Airways, the severity of the attack from the epidemic is more severe.
In return, the entrepreneurial mindset gives Bamboo Airways many “expensive” advantages, forming a full biological system that is resistant to changes and resilience.
As the Chairman of Bamboo Airways – Mr. Trinh Van Quyet once confessed, from the preparatory stage to the official flight, there are no easy conditions for Bamboo Airways. The circumstances have forged the Bamboo people a spirit of not afraid of difficult things, not afraid of difficult things, even daring to work hard.
The above-mentioned resilience and strength are vividly shown through practice. The sudden “blow” from Covid-19 at the end of February 2020 caused all airflows to suddenly brake, the operating procedures were disturbed, passengers were skeptical of travel options.
After the first period of receiving and analyzing the situation, Bamboo Airways quickly looked for options to adapt and maintain the apparatus in new conditions.
The company management found that the process of putting a machine from standing still into motion is much more laborious than maintaining rolling inertia even if it encounters resistance. Therefore, the goal of maintaining, even expanding operations is placed on top priority in all circumstances.
Product system: Constantly moving, keeping up with the trend
Operational scenarios for each scenario are planned, helping the whole machine to prepare for any, even worst, scenario. A series of new fashion products of Bamboo Airways were quickly deployed.
From the successful foundation of FLC’s five-star flight – resort – golf package, Bamboo Airways will comprehensively upgrade these combos in 2020 in both size and quality. The airline has expanded its cooperation with many major partners, sharing a common vision, exponentially increasing the number of diverse flight and holiday options, covering nationwide.
In response to new desires for more economic and flexible schedules, the Bamboo Pass series of multitasking flight cards was born. Bamboo Pass’s 4 packages of flight cards with various functions, “fill” directly into the specific needs of each group of customers.
Instead of 3 traditional ticket classes, a set of branded fares (branded fares) including 8 benefit groups were deployed by Bamboo Airways. The ticket structure is more fragmented, providing more diversified, flexible and economical options for passengers during financially sensitive periods.
Being positively received, this pioneering product system is one of the few innovations that initiate the trend in the market, making a strong contribution to the “icebreaking” of the entire tourism – travel industry. post translation.
Excellent customer service: Constant between crises
Along with the product, the focus on excellent customer service experience will be enhanced by Bamboo Airways in 2020.
Bamboo Airways preserved the crown for the second consecutive year in terms of punctuality index, increasing asymptotic to the absolute level of 96% in 2020, exceeding 1.7% over the same period. This is also the second year that Bamboo Airways has been voted “Asia’s Leading Regional Airline”.
The first series of Business lounges – First Lounge by Bamboo Airways was put into operation, opening the chain of Business lounges that were invested synchronously at a series of large and potential airports across the country such as TP. Ho Chi Minh City, Quy Nhon, Ca Mau,… Bamboo Airways became the first private airline in Vietnam to operate its own Business Lounge.
Bamboo Airways’ official box office system was opened in 3 regions; passenger check-in services are implemented right at FLC’s resort complexes across the country; Bamboo Airways application was officially launched on mobile phones … Bamboo Airways products and brands reached more widely and more passengers, through civilized and convenient approaches.
Drastically expanding the fleet and flight network
Not only strongly expanding its fleet in terms of quantity by 2020, Bamboo Airways also raises the bar in quality.
From 19 aircraft at the end of 2019, to the present time, the company is operating nearly 30 aircraft, including the most advanced aircraft in the world such as Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, jet aircraft. force Embraer E195. These two remarkable new aircraft lines also established the first operating position of a private airline in Vietnam.
In the next few weeks, more new aircraft will enter the payroll, bringing Bamboo Airways on a very small list of airlines still actively expanding its fleet.
The powerful fleet allows Bamboo Airways to make a lot of impressions with its routes, especially the first series of five direct flights in history, connecting Con Dao with the country.
This route network marks the end of many problems on the route connecting Con Dao for nearly a decade: scarcity of airline tickets, inconvenient connecting flights lasting up to 6-8 hours, limited choices. . choice of connecting airports, inconvenient travel times, lack of service and high-quality seats on flights, ground service facilities with no quality options …
With direct flights, the average travel time from Hanoi to Con Dao is shortened to just over 2 hours. Completing the premium experience is the Business Lounge at Con Dao Airport, which has been put into operation by Bamboo Airways since 2020, continues to be the first airline to operate the business lounge here. Passengers flying to Con Dao currently have many diverse itineraries, schedules and service levels.
According to the People’s Committee of Con Dao island district, this is the event that the government and people of Con Dao are very much looking forward to, especially businesses investing in tourism projects in the area.
The extraordinary efforts of a fledgling airline, but not “young” like Bamboo Airways, have partly demonstrated the remarkable resilience of the Vietnamese aviation industry. The market and passengers have the right to expect a “reversal” year 2021, when the strong recovery and growth of Vietnam’s aviation industry contributes a valuable bright color to the overall picture of the world.
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