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Europe Tour with 78 Euro/ customer/day

ASIA WINGS TRAVEL is proud of being an agent of GEG Travel in Vietnam.
The cheap form of Europe Tour has served more than 200,000 customers for over 10 years around the world from China, The Philippine, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Australia, The US, Canada, etc. We have the biggest system including Europe Tours for Asia Visitors.

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Each customer pays just 78 Euro/day including accommodation, breakfast, tour guide and transportation. Visitors decide how long they want to visit Europe and calculate the total cost of the tour themselves.
Customers opt for one of five routes which are through 15 nations and more than 50 famous cities such as: Paris, Rome, London, Venice,etc. Visitors can join a full route, part of a route or transplant from parts of different routes into a route which they like. With the flexibility of GoEuGo, travelers can spend time visiting many interesting destinations.

Customers can join or separate from the tourist union at 20 points of concentration or transits in Europe. Besides, they can combine their tour with visiting their relations or business.
Example: Customer A can go from Vietnam to Paris to visit her/his relations, and then start her/his tour. She/he can start with the green tour: France – Switch – Italia, then leave the tour in Rome to travel freely before coming back to Vietnam. Meanwhile, Customer B can go business in Milan and start her/his tour from Milan on the green route.

Our service is the unique in the market. Each route starts daily, takes 7 days and carries out all year. We are sure that each tour is taken on time although there is only a customer. As a result, customers always proactively arrange their schedule for their tour and do not have to wait for anyone. They can choose one of guide languages that are Vietnamese, English or Chinese.
Example: Two customers from Ho Chi Minh city who want to start a tour in Europe can join the tour that is chosen by other Vietnamese from Vietnam, Australia, Canada and the US.

Welcome you to beautiful and ancient Europe with ASIA WINGS TRAVEL!

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