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Dubbed the ” worthy city ” with the romantic Han River with the Dragon Bridge symbol of Danang tourist beach city – where you can feel the blend of northern climate In addition, Da Nang also owns many scenic spots such as Ba Na Hills, Son Tra Peninsula, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang, Hoi An ancient town…. Da Nang tour will bring you to explore the beach chosen by Forbes as the most attractive beach on the planet with a long coastline, clear blue water, cool air … See Da Nang tourism experience and Book our Danang tour now to discover what Da Nang has and is always an attractive destination.


Traveling from North to South, seeing Vietnam everywhere has beautiful scenery, there are interesting things everywhere, each place has its own attractive charm. But in order to reach the heights of being the most worthy place in the world, perhaps only Danang can do. Da Nang can be said to be a bright spot of Vietnam, looking to the world. The annual tours to Da Nang attract millions of domestic and international tourists. Da Nang tour is the most wonderful tour, because Da Nang has so many beautiful scenes, there are many things for us to experience. We hope that the following things about Da Nang tour of Vietnam Travel will help you have an interesting and rewarding trip for each trip.

Tour du lịch Đà Nẵng - Cảnh Đà Nẵng ban đêm

 Tour  Da Nang – Da Nang at night


Time to travel to Da Nang

Learn about the climate of Da Nang, which is tropical monsoon climate. Da Nang’s climate has the
interference of northern and southern climates, but the influence of the tropical climate in the
south is more. Da Nang has two distinct seasons, the rainy and dry seasons. If you are wondering
when to travel to Da Nang, you do not need to worry much. Because Da Nang tourism is beautiful any
time of the year, each season will have its own beauty.

Tour du lịch Đà Nẵng - Thời tiết Đà Nẵng Thuận tiện

Tour Da Nang –Da Nang weather is convenient

If you want to go to Da Nang during the peak tourist season, the choice of May to September is reasonable, it will be a memorable sea trip when coming to the seas of Da Nang. If you want to experience the festivals in Da Nang, you should do the Da Nang Tour from January to April and at this time, the round-trip ticket price to Da Nang is also very cheap. October to December is the winter time, but also the rainy season of Da Nang, this time very few Danang tourists, but if you do a cost-effective self-sufficient Danang Tour, go in At this time, there are still beautiful landscapes of Da Nang for you to admire.

Da Nang tourist attractions


1. Da Nang tour to My Khe beach


 Tour du lịch Đà Nẵng - Bãi biển Mỹ Khê

My Khe Beach was chosen by the world as the most beautiful and charming beach. Traveling to Da Nang to My Khe beach we will witness its beauty firsthand, and especially if viewed from above. Da Nang tour to My Khe beach, visitors will see a wild beauty in the cool weather. Gentle waves on the white sand. The dawn on the beach sparkled like a mysterious halo. Da Nang tourism to My Khe beach will tell people.

 Tour du lịch Đà Nẵng - Khách du lịch tại bãi biển Mỹ Khê

 Tour Da Nang – Tourists at My Khe beach



2. Da Nang tour to Son Tra Peninsula

  Tuor Danang to Son Tra Peninsula is like an ecological tour.There is a special and unique feature here that is a natural forest ecosystem attached to the sea. Enjoying a fresh and clean space, Da Nang tourists will enjoy themselves the feeling of discovering Son Tra with the most variety of animals and plants, including rare ones being preserved. Son Tra Peninsula is like a green lung of Da Nang.

Tour du lịch Đà Nẵng - Bán đảo Sơn Trà

Tour Da Nang – Son Tra Peninsula

3. Da Nang tour to Marble Mountains

  Many people associated the Marble Mountains of China in the story Of The Western Travels. But no, Marble Mountains here are of Da Nang with another name is Mountain Water. Da Nang tour to Marble Mountains visitors will have the opportunity to visit many pagodas, am, furniture … and learn about Cham beliefs in history. At Ngu Hanh Son, there is also a remarkable point in your Da Nang tour that visitors will be able to witness the famous craft villages with stone handicrafts.

Tour du lịch Đà Nẵng - Ngũ Hành Sơn

Tour Da Nang –Marble Mountains

4. Da Nang tour to Ba Na Hills

Tour du lịch Đà Nẵng - Bà Nà HillS

Tour Da Nang –  Ba Na Hills

With a terrain nearly 1500m above sea level, Ba Na Hills has been developed into the most attractive tourist area in Da Nang. Coming to Ba Na Hills,  you will feel four seasons in a day, spoiled for playing thrilling entertainment games. And it is wonderful that we are also floating in the air and watching a beautiful city of Da Nang on Ba Na Hill cable car rails during a trip to Danang.

Delicacies in Da Nang

After hanging out with the wind and with your pants on the beautiful beaches, you must be hungry and tired a lot. So we have to recharge with delicious food to regain strength after a day of tiring outing. Da Nang has long been famous for its rich cuisine that will please tourists from five continents. If you have come to Danang, then do not hesitate. Join us to explore the special dishes of the land of Da Nang in this Da Nang tour!

1. Pork rice paper rolls

Do not be surprised because this dish is present in almost every place in Vietnam. Because most of the people who are far away from home bring home flavor everywhere in all parts of the country. However, if you have come to Da Nang, you cannot ignore this dish imbued with the identity, culture and customs of Da Nang. The rice paper is coated from rice flour with a very thin layer, and then dried in the dew. Pork is taken from the ham, so it is not too fat or too light for the dish. All wrapped in thin rice paper with pork, raw vegetables, cucumber and dipped in sweet and sour fish sauce. All together to create an extremely attractive dish and not bored.

Pork rice paper rolls – Dishes not to be missed

2. Da Nang Pancakes

Another delicious delicacy dish from Central Da Nang is Xeo cake. Pancakes are made from delicious rice of Hoi An Ancient Town. Soak for about 4 hours, grind into flour, dilute, mix turmeric powder to create color. Seasoned beef, shelled river shrimp steamed until cooked, the price for cleaning to live … These foods are used as cakes. The cake is poured into two times to create a crispness for the crust while retaining the softness of the other side, eating a greasy odor without getting bored. The fire to pour the cake must be coal fire, without using the gas stove fire will lose the smell and the cake will not be porous. Vegetables served with about a dozen types: vegetables, chopped banana, thinly sliced ​​bananas, herbs, lettuce, chopped black corn, plus white radish, carrot.

Pancakes Da Nang –  Its hard not to go anywhere to meet such delicious food

But a special feature that makes the deliciousness of the pancake is in the sauce. Sauces include liver, peanut, sesame, spices, … when finished, must be viscous and dark brown. Crispy crust, filled with cakes flavored with shrimp and beef, freshness of vegetables, a little sourness of pickled vegetables mixed with dipping sauce is nothing. Traveling to Da Nang to enjoy Da Nang pancakes will make you realize that there is no place other than Da Nang that has such delicious Xeo cake.

3.Quang Noodles

Quang noodle has many different flavors such as chicken noodle, shrimp noodle, meat noodle, egg noodle, beef noodle, jelly noodle, snakehead fish noodle … Each type has its own unique flavor, each white ivory stalks, The soft, sweet and creamy flavor of bone broth. Quang Da Nang noodle specialties must be eaten with many new and delicious raw vegetables. Raw vegetables right in Quang noodle style must combine from 9 types of vegetables such as: lettuce, basil, basil, young eggplant with fresh bud, white bean sprouts can be cooked or left to live. Cilantro, cilantro with chopped flower onions mixed with banana thin iron. To make the typical flavor of this dish, there must be roasted peanuts and crispy sesame rice paper. The aroma of roasted peanuts and the crispy taste of the rice paper will add to the deliciousness of this famous Danang dish.

Mì quảng du lịch đà nẵng

Quang noodles are a specialty dish of Da Nang that many people love

Da Nang people have considered “instant noodle” as an indispensable part of their life, breakfast, breakfast or dinner are all there. This is a eat or used by her contented each when the house have a party or chilet client from the method to. Traveling to Da Nang, if you cannot eat this delicious dish, it is also a pity.

4.Ram Rolls Da Nang

Traveling to Da Nang, you will experience the cuisine of Central Vietnam with countless delicious, strange and unique dishes. Da Nang Broccoli is also one of the memorable dishes for many people when coming here and “addictive” for the people of Da Thanh. Da Nang broccoli is a new dish for many people from all over the world. But for the central people, especially in Da Nang city, this is a familiar dish that many people love.

Ram cuốn cải - du lịch đà nẵng

Da Nang’s ram rolls are loved by many Danang people

Ram brochure Da Nang is only about a finger long, small, cute, and crisp and is arranged very well. The more special thing is still in the kernel, if the traditional ram is a little vermicelli mixed with minced meat and wood ear, then the noodle filling in Da Nang has a completely different flavor. The cabbage roll in Danang will never tire you because it is usually eaten with spicy cabbage or with lettuce. Also served with many other ingredients such as: rice paper, papaya, cucumber, … Roll ram with lettuce, add cucumber slices, a little sweet and sour papaya dipped in a cup of fish sauce, only ” delicious heartbreak “.


Summing up :

A trip to Da Nang to experience new things, go to the beach, watch the magnificent city, and enjoy the dishes of Central Vietnam. A trip to Da Nang will be a trip with many interesting and meaningful experiences. If you are looking for a tour of Da Nang to experience the most interesting things only in Da Nang city. Please contact Viet Travel for the best and fastest support. We specialize in organizing prestigious and professional domestic and foreign tours. Definitely will make you satisfied in this fascinating Da Nang tour.

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