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‘Pho’s Day 12/12’: An opportunity to enjoy pho is only VND 10,000

At Pho’s Day event (December 12), diners will learn and enjoy Pho Thin Bo Ho, Pho Bat Da, Pho Ngoc Linh …

After the success of 3 consecutive years from 2017 to 2019, Tuoi Tre newspaper continues to organize a series of events towards Pho’s Day (12/12) with many special activities. In which Pho’s Story is a high-level gala night for foreign ambassadors, diplomatic missions and international organizations held in Hanoi on the evening of December 10.
Pho’s Story gala night this year converges many famous noodle brands such as Pho Thin on Ho that was born in 1955 through 3 generations of hereditary; Traditional pho bowl of Anh Tuyet culinary artist. The event also introduced variations of pho such as Ngoc Linh ginseng noodle soup – a new brand cooked by a chef from the North and conquered Southern diners; Long Bien stone noodle soup (Hanoi) …
Next is Pho’s Day which will take place at Aeon Mall Ha Dong on 12/12. Diners can buy tickets for 10,000 VND, including a bowl of pho. At this event, the organizers will announce the top 10 favorite Pho brands and announce the top 10 golden anise and silver anise flowers for both specialist and amateur noodle chefs; awarded readers to the photo contest and wrote the theme “Pho in me”. In addition, the organizers also have a program to bring pho to children in remote areas in Thanh Chuong district, Nghe An on December 20.

Thin Bo Ho Guom pho stalls at Pho’s Story gala on December 10th. The event night brings together famous chefs from many regions and interesting stories behind the formation and value of pho with Vietnamese cuisine. Photo: Khanh Tran
Artist Anh Tuyet shared: “Pho Viet has existed for hundreds of years, but in previous years, we did not pay attention to the issue of branding and bring Vietnamese cuisine to the world. For example, reminding kimchi will think of Korea, saying sushi will think of Japan … but Vietnam does not stand out what dish to let international friends know when talking about cuisine “.
Ms. Anh Tuyet said that Pho’s Day event was held for the 4th time, showing that Vietnamese cuisine has gradually been noticed and raised to the world level. “This is a good sign showing that we still retain the traditional cuisine and spread the influence of pho to friends from five continents”, said the Hanoi-born artist.

A variation of pho – a bowl of pho with wine sauce made by the counter of folk artist Anh Tuyet. Photo: Khanh Tran
Mr. Furudate Seiki, First Secretary of the Japanese Embassy, stayed until the last minute The Story of Pho and enjoyed up to 5 bowls of pho. Mr. Seiki complimented “delicious pho”. Before that, he evaluated Vietnamese pho gradually becoming a famous dish known to many world friends, with the Japanese pho as a culinary gift of Vietnam.
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