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Find the Sun Vitamin without worrying Corona

Epidemic coronavirus pneumonia is still raging and increasingly complicated. International travel flights seem motionless, so why not try to find domestic tourist destinations that can both relax and stay away from noisy places with complicated changes of the season.

“Keep the body warm to prevent epidemics” is the term that the Ministry of Health often recommends to our people. Therefore, we will go through places with golden sunshine, silver sea, green forest so that visitors can travel comfortably without worrying about the raging “storm season”. Tourist destinations to avoid storms Vietnam is extremely rich because there are countless tourist destinations from majestic to romantic. Speaking of domestic tourism, from the North to the South, from the mainland to the sea, we always encounter beautiful scenery that makes us fall in love, we always see strange

1) Central Highlands

In the months after the traditional Tet holiday, the Central Highlands currently has a fairly high temperature, with sunshine, yellowing the hillsides. These are favorable conditions to keep the body warm and travel safely for yourself. Because the Ministry of Health has recommended corona virus will be weakened at temperatures above 25 ° C and the weather in the Central Highlands at the present time has completely met that condition.


The Central Highlands region includes many different provinces: Kon Tum, Dak Nong, Gia Lai, … Coming here, you will feel the peace and relaxation. The climate will not be too hot because of the green tea hills like Pleiku and Bien Ho Tea hills. Then we will be immersed in nature with beautiful waterfalls such as Dray Nur, Gia Long, Trinh Nu, … If you choose the Central Highlands, your youth album will be filled with green photos, peace of mind.

It will be very flawed if you only worry about the scenic beauty of the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands but forget to learn about the historical sites here: Tay Son cultural historical relics in Thuong Lao, Stơr resistance village, prison. Dak Glei,…. At night, in harmony with the sound of gongs by the flaming fire, the boys and girls in the mountains will sing and dance familiar dance moves together. However, you can not ignore lam and pomegranate rice that need the specialties of the indigenous people here.

2) Western provinces

Western stars feel dear
The canals are tangled into roads
Boats and boats run on the river
Carrying bags of farm produce in the West
                                                                                                                  (Quote: Western nostalgia – Hoa Chu Van)
The Mekong River Delta, also known as the Southwestern region of Vietnam, consists of 13 provinces. Based on the geographical map, it can be seen that the West is the most farthest province in China compared to other regions, and according to statistics, 13 western provinces have not had a case of corona infection yet. So, if you go down the boat to the West of the river, it will be a safe trip for us.
ou will feel a strange peaceful feeling due to many factors. The alluvial water surface is always calm, sometimes cheap because of the canoe and paddle of the western girl wearing her shirt, just looking at it, she feels extremely hurt. Because there are 13 provinces and cities in the southwestern region, each locality has its own products, rich and diverse. If you are a fan of Vietnamese fruits, please visit gardeners in Tien Giang, Can Tho, Ben Tre, Vinh Long, … You will be free to choose your favorite fruit that is ripe. branches: rambutan, breast milk, mango, plum, … If you are the type of person who likes seafood, please once again ask the boat driver down the boat to take us to the land of Ca Mau cape to immerse in the wild natural landscape. wild, primitive and poetic. Not only that, but when you come here, you have reached thousands of mangroves reaching out to the sea, immersed in 1001 dishes made from fresh seafood. That much alone has captivated long-distance customers. Well, one thing that has not been revealed to you is that Westerners are very cute, the food here has a countryside taste that is not available, please feel these wonderful things for yourself.

3) Da Nang

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What do you think when traveling to Da Nang? The city temperature is relatively high and the climate is always warm will be a safe destination if you want to avoid corona storms. As a large, civilized street, medical measures here are also placed on top, visitors here will feel the concern and friendliness by the people and local government here.
It is a clean and beautiful city and has many famous landscapes such as Ngu Hanh Son, Cu Lao Cham, Han River, … and many entertainment areas. In particular, when you come here, you visit Hoi An ancient town to once immerse yourself in its very own customs and culture. Hoi An contains a lot of valuable material costs, the old town is always bright at night, rustic but full of mystery. Traveling in modern times is not only for sightseeing, but also to taste the specialties of the places I go to remember the taste of the place I used to go. Coming to Da Nang is not difficult to find specialties here, even if you do not know how much is enough, let’s take a look at Da Nang’s delicious dishes so that we can also try it when going! Noodles Quang, Cau Mong Banh Thu, Banh Xeo, Banh beo, … Each dish will be a little bit of love that Da Nang will send to guests that cannot be forgotten.

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