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General Rules

1. Definitions
  •  The Carry-on (Hand/Cabin) Baggage is the baggage that can be carried on the cabin and in a size, weight and shape to fit under a passenger seat or in an enclosed storage compartment.
  • Checked baggage (also called registered baggage) comprises articles which are weighed and carried in the baggage or cargo compartment of the aircraft. They are not accessible to the passengers during the flight. These articles are labeled with special baggage tags showing the station of arrival and a serial number/ a bar code. Checked baggage includes Free Baggage Allowance, Excess Baggage and Special Baggage
  • The free baggage allowance is the weight and size of baggage that a passenger is allowed to carry free of charge to the arrival points in the journey
  • The excess baggage is the part of baggage exceeding the free baggage allowance. Passengers are supposed to pay excess baggage charges for the part exceeding the free baggage allowance
  • Special baggage is the baggage which requires the special reservation and handling procedures
  • Prepaid baggage is a special offer by Vietnam Airlines (VN) allowing passengers to prepay their excess baggage lower than standard airport rates.
  • For employee health and safety of flight, overweight baggage of 32kg is not accepted by Vietnam Airlines and the sum of three dimensions shall not exceed 203 cm.

2. US DOT Order and CTA Rules
For passengers whose ultimate ticketed origin or destination is a U.S/Canada point and where such transportation has been issued on a single ticket, the baggage provision selected of the selecting carrier at the beginning of the itinerary shall apply throughout the itinerary, regardless of stopover.
The order to determine the selecting carrier as follows
– The First MC (the first carrier whose Carrier code appears on the ticket);
– If the first MC does not file tariff, the selecting carrier shall be the next carrier identified on the itinerary who files the tariffs.

3. Vietnam Airlines regulations
– For passengers whose ultimate ticketed origin or destination is a U.S. point, Vietnam Airlines follows US DOT order.
– For passengers whose ultimate ticketed origin or destination is a Canada point, Vietnam Airlines follows CTA Rules for tickets issued from 01st April 2015.
– For all other itineraries: Vietnam Airlines follows IATA Resolution 302.
– In case of code share flight, baggage provisions of the Operating Carrier – OC shall be applied, unless that carrier publishes a rule stipulating that baggage provisions of the Marketing Carrier – MC shall be applied

4. Baggage Policy on itineraries involving other airlines
Baggage policy is subject to your itinerary and airlines involved in. Please contact your travel agent or Vietnam Airlines branch offices or related airlines for more details.


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