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‘Flying in the golden season ‘with Vietnam’s longest zipline in Yen Bai

Visitors coming to Tu Le will be “roamed” through Van Chan, Mu Cang Chai by zipline of more than 1 km.

The longest zipline in Vietnam located in the Aeris Hill adventure game area in Nuoc Hot village, Tu Le commune, Van Chan district, Yen Bai province just opened to welcome guests on December 6. Zipline has 2 routes with a total length of 1.2 km connecting two districts of Van Chan and Mu Cang Chai of Yen Bai province. The first stage is nearly 1 km long, giving visitors the opportunity to gain a panoramic view of Tu Le valley and mountains. Stage 2 will take you down to the pick up point to return to the play area.
Visitors when experiencing the zipline will be wearing a helmet and seat belts attached to the fixed cable above. At the two ends of the zipline station, there are always staff on duty, ensuring the safety of skiers and safe landing. According to the staff here, visitors under 50 kg will be hung an extra 10 kg sandbag to ensure the completion of the slide. Usually, it takes about 1-2 minutes for each passenger to go through both stages.

The longest zipline in Vietnam in Yen Bai

The longest zipline in Vietnam in Yen Bai
A young person in Hanoi, Diem Huong (1995), skipped the zipline for the first time commented: “I am a little scared because it feels like jumping off a high cliff. I asked my fellow players to describe there are two different emotions before and after sliding the zipline. Before sliding, most of them were afraid of heights, worried about safety, but after sliding, they felt happy but very cold. The second stage has to force an extra parachute behind to slow down. Although the landscape is not as beautiful as the first leg, but it is more disgusting because of the high speed, the slopes are steep and much shorter ”.
According to Minh Duc (1993), Hanoi tourists shared: “As a person who has played zipline many times in Vietnam but is still surprised because the slide at Tu Le is quite long, perhaps the longest zipline I have ever experienced. The special thing is that Tu Le zipline runs through many types of terrain and landscapes such as terraced fields, rivers, mountains ”.

Khách trải nghiệm zipline dài hơn 1 km vào ngày 6/12. Ảnh: ione
Due to the new opening, the zipline area has a maximum of 15 sets of helmets and helmets for visitors to play one round, if going out in large groups may have to wait for equipment rotation for a long time. In addition, this time the Northwest weather is quite cold, the temperature fluctuates only 13-14 degrees Celsius, visitors who play zipline pay attention to wear warm, neat clothes to easily wear a helmet.
Currently, the Aeris Hill adventure game area welcomes guests all week (except Wednesday) from 8:30 – 18:00. The ticket price for participating in the games is from 200,000 VND per person, in addition to the zipline, customers can experience more games of climbing, artificial climbing and rolling the ball.
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