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What interests you most about preparing for a flight? Booking air tickets, airline fares and baggage when flying is also the concern of many passengers, especially when you are preparing for travel. Is the price of Vietjet checked baggage high, how much is checked baggage? You can refer more with the information below.

1) Vietjet Checked Baggage

Standard checked baggage
– Standard checked baggage weight is not more than 32kg / piece
– Size not exceeding: 119cm x 119cm x 81cm
– You need to register to buy more checked baggage when needed, note that when buying tickets, you should always register to avoid going to the new airport to buy, the fee is always higher.

2) The current price of Vietjet checked baggage is applied

3) General Conditions of Checked Baggage

Items not allowed as Checked Baggage or transported in baggage are as follows:
1. Items that are not properly packed or are unsafe may affect the journey.
2. Items are prohibited in accordance with applicable statute.
3. Fragile or perishable articles; 4. Live or dead animals.
5. Skeletons or animals.
6. Fresh or frozen seafood or meats, provided the items are properly packaged
7. Guns and ammunition.
8. Explosives, flammable or non-flammable gases (such as paint sprayers, butane gas, lighters), refrigerant gas (such as underwater gas cylinders, liquid nitrogen), flammable liquids (such as paint , thinner, solvents); flammable solids (such as matches, lighters); organic oxygen compounds (such as sap); toxins, infectious substances (such as viruses, bacteria); radioactive substances (like Radios); corrosive substances (such as acids, alkalis, mercury, thermometers), magnetic substances, oxidizing materials (such as bleach).
9. Weapons such as firearms, swords, knives and similar articles, provided that such items can be transported as checked baggage purely at our discretion for very reasons. especially. These are not allowed on the plane for any reason.
10.Value and fragile goods are advised not to be carried on checked baggage to avoid damage.
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